The History of the School
The Cora Abraham Art Classes dates back to 1949 when the late Cora
Abraham began these classes and called them   “The Melbourne Art
Classes” purely because the school was situated at Melbourne Avenue,
Colombo 4.

Mrs Olive Cora Abraham opened this school with a vision to give
children and students the freedom to express themselves without the
inhibitive influences of the adult.

Beginning with five children enjoying freedom of creative activity, in
a little garage room, her vision has brought that “freedom of
expression” to thousands of children and students for the last fifty
six years.

After her demise in December 1979, a Board of Management took over
with Nalini Weerasinghe as principal.  Nalini was a student, a teacher
trained by “Mrs A” and finally Vice Principal and Principal in 1980.

coraName Change

In 1982, the Melbourne Art Classes was renamed after Mrs. Cora Abraham as the Cora Abraham Art Classes.

Objectives and Aims
Art Education as presented by the late Cora Abraham was not for the fostering of talent but a means of inspiring those with or without talent.

Education through Art is a character building process because freedom of expression gives one the freedom to think and make choices and grow into confident and well-balanced persons.

This concept has been maintained and teaching is confined to technical guidance in use of art media.