What We Do

The teaching staff are all trained and understand and use the precepts
in Art Education.

Structure of the Classes
250 to 300 children and students are grouped into classes according to age. 4 – 7 years; 8 – 10 years; 11 & 12 years; 13 & 14 years and 15+ years.

Creative Activity at CAAC



Free creative activity creates a happy atmosphere at the classes held on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings.

You would see the 4 –5 year olds absorbed in making magic colours or the older 8 – 10s make glittering snakes to decorate their room from floor to ceiling; or dress themselves up as animals in the zoo. The 11 – 12s would be totally immersed in paining on fabric or twirling wires to make lanterns.  The 13 – 14s would be exploring the textile textures to enhance their wall hangings and the 15+ group would be out painting on the spot the environment around them.

Festive seasons are special for creative activity at CAAC.  The children and students enjoy making cards which stand out in their beauty and uniqueness, lanterns that are really unusual and creative.

End of Year Projects
For many years now, we use the spirit of Christmas Giving to share what we do with those less privileged. A session in icing cakes, making gifts and wrapping paper make the giver and those who receive so happy!


Sharing an evening with those who serve us in the Security Forces made an entertaining program with special hampers for every family. This was much appreciated by Ranaviru families.